Bloom Yoga Therapy

Why Yoga?

Cutting-edge neurobiology is finally catching up with what ancient civilizations have known for thousands of years…that the human mind and body are intricately connected and constantly communicating. In fact, many leaders in the field view the separation of mind and body as a false dichotomy, that they are actually one and the same.

Disturbances in health and happiness most often occur when we become disconnected to our bodies and can no longer sense the inner wisdom that our physical dimension provides. Western society urges us to solve every problem with our heads without asking for help from others; the impossibility of this feat leads us to despair and we commonly experience what society has deemed “depression” or “anxiety”. These are not new problems; ancient human civilizations were faced with the same and sought out paths to peace and happiness.

Through careful observation of the body and a curious, nonjudgmental exploration of thoughts, emotions, and sensations that arise through certain postures, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques, the practice of yogic philosophy and movement was developed to increase well-being and reduce human suffering. Katy provides modern seekers with an experiential and compassionate learning environment that helps them to self-reflect, feel more alive, and live more fully.

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