Bloom Yoga Therapy

Whitney Granado, LPC-Associate

Supervised by Katy David, LPC-S

***Available for In-person Sessions & Tele-therapy!***

My approach to counseling is very humanistic in nature which means I believe all individuals have the desire for positive growth and I will have an unwavering, optimistic faith that you have the potential for life changing growth as well. In session I will give you a safe space, stay present with you, be nonjudgmental, stay curious about all that makes you a unique individual, and remain flexible to adapt to your needs in the moment. I invite you on a journey with me to help you achieve a sense of wholeness, to have the courage to become who you truly are, and to live out your truth authentically.

My focus is primarily Gestalt therapy, but I will also draw from the full range of humanistic-existential approaches to include person-centered and existential counseling as well as pull from other therapies if I believe you will benefit from their use.  In Gestalt therapy it is believed that problems develop when a person is no longer making direct contact with themselves or their environment to include avoidance of interacting authentically with significant others and society. Often, struggles and hurts in life such as early life lessons/experiences, fears, social expectations, etc. lead to this adaptation of avoidance in an understandable effort to protect ourselves. I believe that you made these adaptations for a reason, but that they may no longer be serving you and have resulted in living an unauthentic life that can lead to stress, anxiety, depression, and unhappiness, among other problems that may surface.  I want to help you restore your natural zest for life, help you reintegrate parts of yourself, and help you achieve more fulfilling interactions with your environment to create a sense of wholeness. In this process I will focus on moment-to-moment experience with you to increase your awareness of struggles and how they are affecting you now by incorporating mindfulness, experiential, and somatic exercises. I believe the mind/body connection is strong, and we need to let them talk with each other again to restore authentic contact with ourselves and others. I will partner with you in noticing areas you are blocked in achieving healing and help you tap into your natural wisdom to learn to satisfy your needs in other ways. The more we can have that authentic contact, the more we are able to make healthy changes and promote healing, become our true self, and feel whole. 

I am a deeply spiritual being, and my spiritual connection influences my work in which I value everybody’s uniqueness, see the goodness in others, am nonjudgmental, and extend grace. I will approach you with respect and non-judgment on your personal spiritual beliefs and am willing to explore that realm with you, as you are comfortable, in your journey of achieving wholeness and peace. I aim to provide therapy that attends to you holistically which means addressing body, mind, and spirit.


  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Substance use & addiction recovery
  • Adult children from family systems with addiction
  • Relationship Issues
  • Communication Issues
  • Self-esteem & confidence issues
  • Grief and loss
  • Life transitions
  • Identity issues

Whitney’s rate is $80 per 60 minute session (intakes and follow-ups). You may use your HSA/FSA to pay for therapy services, and many insurance plans will cover her services. All Bloom therapists offer complementary 10-minute phone consultations to ensure a good therapeutic fit before scheduling.

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