Bloom Yoga Therapy

Katy David, LPC-S, RYT

Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor & Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified in Clinical Hypnosis


  • anxiety
  • trauma
  • therapy for therapists
  • adults who were abused as children
  • “highly sensitive” people and intuitives
  • separation & divorce
  • birth trauma and/or motherhood transitions
  • communication and relationship skills
  • spiritual abuse, spiritual awakenings, spiritual crisis
  • transition periods
  • stress reduction
  • depression
  • mindfulness training



***I am not currently accepting new individual clients, as I am moving towards focusing on teaching, supervising, and developing workshops and group trainings. This will allow me to help more people, more quickly, and make deep healing more accessible. Please email me to be on the notification list for future service offerings, including the possibility of me opening up availability for individual clients in the future. ***

  • therapeutic development for mental health professionals  (learning how to be a more effective clinician while simultaneously doing your own work)
  • I offer licensed clinical supervision to Bloom Therapy employees, with a somatic, experiential, holistic and integrative focus. I currently do not offer off-site supervision services. Please email me a resume and cover letter if you would like to be considered for a full-time, paid internship that includes supervision. You may also request a description of the position before applying.
  • I am developing various groups and workshops. Please email me to be added to the notification list of service offerings.


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Call or Text:      512.660.9611    (voicemail is confidential)

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