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Individual Therapy

Katy David

Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Yoga Teacher, Certification in Clinical Hypnosis

My Therapeutic Approach

I focus on healing root causes rather than coping, and therefore only take on clients that are sincere in their desire to change their lives. I am not here to simply listen to you talk about your problems without judgment; While necessary, I consider this an elementary skill, and I don’t believe that stance alone is worth the price of therapy. Be prepared to be open-minded, courageous, and challenge the edge of your comfort zones. That being said, most of my clients are surprised to find therapy with me comfortable, engaging, and very often fun, compared to what their minds expected it to be.

I take a very active and flexible approach with clients, allowing whatever is coming up in the present moment to guide my words and actions. I have learned that the present moment truly does have everything we need, if we can become skilled at greeting and exploring the moment. We’ll generally focus on developing self-awareness through experiential exercises and collaborative mind/body exploration to let the answers that are already within you arise and show themselves. I’ll ask you directive questions that turn you towards yourself, and help you shift out of patterns you may be unaware you are stuck in. I will observe without judgment and then ask you to interact with yourself in a different way, helping you focus on a useful element of your present moment experience. You will begin to adopt habits that can immediately shift your reality in healthy ways. You’ll also learn concrete skills for daily life and will sometimes receive homework assignments. I may incorporate guided meditations, breathing exercises, and even physical stretches into sessions.

As a theoretical basis, I see the body as the gateway to the unconscious, and the body already knows how to heal and what to do. It is our conscious minds that become stuck in unhelpful patterns and get in the way of our natural healing abilities. I will help you focus your conscious mind in a more useful way so you can release what no longer serves you. Once you learn how to do this, it is like riding a bicycle. You won’t forget, and you will outgrow your need for therapy.

I also think it’s very important to honor our spiritual dimension in therapy. Spiritual beliefs will often be explored; my clinical experience has found that past spiritual abuses or misunderstandings of universal energy and design often maintain the deepest roots of our suffering. I will never tell clients what to believe, but I will be up-front about what I have personally found to be true. I may challenge long or tightly held beliefs if they aren’t serving you.

I am an intuitive empath. For most of my life I could feel other people’s emotions in my own body. It took years for me to realize that not everyone can do this. A few years ago, I went through an intense phase of what can only be called enlightenment or consciousness expansion. As part of this process, one day I went into work, and found my boundaries were suddenly in place energetically. By this I mean that I could no longer feel clients feelings, but instead could *see* or *sense* where the energy was trapped in their body, creating the feelings or sensations related to the troubles they were experiencing. I now use this ability to help clients become more aware of their emotional and energetic realities in the present moment, and we gently release the stuck energy as I guide you out of unhelpful habits and patterns. This means I am just as in-tune with my clients as I have always been, but no longer leave the office tired at the end of the day!

In combination with these intuitive abilities and trust in spirit to reveal what we need to see, I specialize in using mindfulness-based, experiential approaches that are relatively unconventional but effective. I will pull from therapies such as ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy),  IFS (Internal Family Systems), Clinical Hypnosis, and Integrative Yoga Therapy. Everything I do is either grounded in the science of IPNB (Interpersonal Neurobiology), or is an embodiment of spiritual gifts I have been guided to share. I also have a Certification in Clinical Hypnosis through ASCH, and sometimes utilize hypnotherapy to help clients capitalize on the healing power of focused attention and the natural brain-state of trance.

My approach interacts with the client as a whole person (body, mind, energy, emotions, spirit), because all of these dimensions contribute to our sense of wellbeing. This is not talk therapy. It is energy work that shifts your entire being in a useful way, and offers you a more expanded perspective. My sincere goal is to offer each client a deeply moving and powerful session, each and every time we meet.

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  • anxiety
  • trauma
  • therapy for therapists
  • adults who were abused as children
  • “highly sensitive” people and intuitives
  • separation & divorce
  • birth trauma and/or motherhood transitions
  • communication and relationship skills
  • spiritual abuse, spiritual awakenings, spiritual crisis
  • transition periods
  • stress reduction
  • depression & bipolar disorder
  • mindfulness training
  • individual and couples therapy
  • adults 18+

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