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Individual Therapy

Katy David

Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Yoga Teacher, Certification in Clinical Hypnosis


***Katy is currently on maternity leave, and is not accepting clients until further notice. Email her if you would like to be added to Bloom’s email list. Email notifications will involve updates on future session availability with Katy, as well as wellness goodies such as blog articles, podcasts, recommended reading, yoga classes, and personal development/wellness workshops she may be offering in the future.***


My Therapeutic Approach

I focus on healing root causes rather than coping, and therefore only take on clients that are sincere in their desire to change their lives. Be prepared to be open-minded, courageous, and challenge the edge of your comfort zones. That being said, most of my clients are surprised to find therapy with me comfortable, engaging, and even fun, compared to what their minds expected it to be.

I specialize in using a mindfulness-based, experiential approach that is relatively unconventional but effective. Sessions are a flexible blend of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy),  IFS (Internal Family Systems), Clinical Hypnosis, Integrative Yoga Therapy, and Existential Therapy and are grounded in the science of IPNB (Interpersonal Neurobiology). I take a very active approach with clients; we’ll generally focus on developing self-awareness through experiential exercises and collaborative mind/body exploration to let the answers that are already within you arise and show themselves. I’ll ask you directive questions that turn you towards yourself, and help you shift out of patterns you may be unaware you are stuck in. You’ll also learn concrete skills for daily life and will sometimes receive homework assignments. I may incorporate guided meditations, breathing exercises, and physical stretches into sessions.

As a long-standing yoga practitioner and registered yoga teacher, yoga philosophy informs my practice; my approach honors the client as a whole person (body, mind, energy, emotions, spirit), because all of these dimensions contribute to our sense of wellbeing. Spiritual beliefs will often be explored; my clinical experience has found that past spiritual abuses or misunderstandings of universal energy and design often maintain the deepest roots of our suffering. In addition, I have a Certification in Clinical Hypnosis through ASCH, and can utilize hypnotherapy to help clients capitalize on the healing power of focused attention and the natural brain-state of trance. I strive to help clients honor their inner truths while empowering them with practical tools for living with intention, courage, and authenticity.

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  • anxiety
  • trauma
  • “highly sensitive” people
  • separation & divorce
  • communication and relationship skills
  • transition periods
  • stress management
  • depression
  • mindfulness training
  • individual and couples therapy
  • adults 18+

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