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Stephanie Stillman, LPC-Intern

Supervised by Katy David, LPC-Supervisor


At the core of my counseling approach is a belief that we have the intuitive knowledge and capacity for self-healing. Various life experiences, messages that we hear from others about who we are and the world around us, and stories that we tell ourselves about ourselves can block this intuitive knowledge and cultivate doubt about our capacity to change the self and the systems of which we are part. I approach counseling as a safe space for locating in the mind, body, and spirit the sources of hurt, doubt, grief, and fear that are blocking your ability to experience healing, confidence, acceptance, and freedom. 

I work primarily from a Person Centered theoretical frame which means that I understand our relationship as the tool through which change occurs. The counseling relationship requires a desire to change, a belief (however small) that you have the capacity for change, and willingness to lean into the counseling relationship with trust that will be cultivated over our time working together. I also approach counseling with an overlay of a feminist lens that attends to issues of power, curiosity, and how we are shaped in relationship to others for individuals of all gender identities. I will bring to our counseling sessions mindfulness and experiential practices along with an effort to think together about the ways we can hold space and time in order to be present in our bodies and in the systems we are part of in order to cultivate and sustain the changes we intend to make in our lives. 

Finally, I have a deep commitment to meeting individuals where they are in their unique intersectional identities. I strongly believe in the mission to advocate for developing a professional counseling culture that better serves individuals with marginalized identities who may be hesitant to utilize counseling services. I understand diversity in a broad and inclusive context that encompasses both seemingly categorical identities (e.g. race, gender, sexuality, class, disability) and life experiences (e.g. addiction, physical health difficulties, trauma).


  • physical, psychological, and sexual trauma  
  • recovery from addiction
  • women’s identity, relationships, and empowerment
  • adult children from family systems of abuse and/or addiction
  • spiritual trauma, curiosity, and awakening
  • mindfulness training
  • emerging adults 
  • anxiety
  • depression 


Stephanie’s rate is $80 per 60 minute session (intakes and follow-ups).You may use your HSA/FSA to pay for therapy services, and some insurance companies will cover her services. All Bloom therapists offer complementary 10-minute phone consultations to assure a good therapeutic fit before scheduling.


To schedule with Stephanie:     Call/Text 805.636.9465 

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