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Scheduling & Intake

Established clients only: Click here to manage your appointment reservations online!

We offer complementary 10-15 minute phone consultations to ensure we are a good match for your goals and needs. All communications are confidential. Please note that we do NOT provide emergency/crisis counseling. If this is a mental health emergency, please call 911 or  512-472-4357 (crisis hotline).  We do our best to return calls, texts and emails within 24 business hours. Occasional situations may make this difficult to do.

In general, the best way to begin to choose a therapist is to read through their profiles and feel whom you are intuitively drawn to, as well as reviewing their areas of specialization. Whose words resonate with you? Whose picture do you want to interact with? If you can’t decide, feel free and contact more than one therapist directly (via email, text, or phone call) and schedule multiple free consultations to determine the best fit. A good therapeutic fit entails a skillset fit, personality fit, financial fit, scheduling fit, and any other particulars that are important to you.

All therapists offer tele-therapy, and some are available for in-person. See their profiles for current offerings. Associates will continue expanding their offerings as they feel comfortable doing so, and this website will be updated promptly when their offerings change.

For Questions, Free Consultations, and Scheduling Appointments, you may call, text, or email any therapist directly. If you need a little guidance in choosing a therapist, you may contact Anusha, our Client Care Coordinator, at or 214.218.2444 and she can help steer you in a particular direction.

Elaine Fife / 512.693.9271 /

Whitney Granado / 512.348.7118 /

Karey Scheyd / 512.814.7321 /

Mariel Sahad / 806.206.4652 /

Anusha Atmakuri / 214.218.2444 /

Stephanie Stillman / 805.636.9465 /

Katy David is no longer accepting new individual clients as she transitions into a full-time role of Supervising Clinical Director; she is passionate about teaching and mentoring Bloom Therapy LPC-Associates and putting her energy towards activities and projects that will allow her to manifest her vision of creating a culture wherein effective, efficient psychotherapy is both highly accessible and normalized as mainstream, preventative care. Please join the Bloom Newsletter email list (below) to be notified when she has new service offerings available, such as workshops, groups, or educational media. She currently offers a free holistic healing series on our YouTube Channel, which can serve as a wonderful complement to individual therapy.

To prepare for your first appointment:

Bloom has gone green! In order to confirm your reservation, your paperwork must be completed online 48 hours prior to your first session. We will send your paperwork via the client portal once we have agreed to work together.

If meeting in person, please plan to arrive early in order to ensure time to find the office on your first appointment. We cannot go over our scheduled time as we have to prepare for our next appointment. Do not knock on a closed therapy room door.

There are 2 restrooms in the building, one of which is by the far back door which most Bloom clients choose to enter through. Please help yourself to a bottle of water from the fridge in the hallway. We will find you in the back waiting area when we are ready to start, and we do our best to start appointments right on time.

Therapeutic plans will vary based on your individual needs and goals. It is common for us to recommend beginning with weekly sessions; as you make progress we will taper down to biweekly, monthly, and then will be available as needed. We aim to be flexible and balance an ideal level of care with scheduling and financial needs, as long we can still provide effective care. We usually begin by reserving a regular time slot that works for your schedule, and you will also be given access to our online scheduling portal where you can schedule/change your own appointments as needed. If you have a very varied schedule that doesn’t allow for regular reservations, you can use the online scheduler to schedule week by week as you know your availability. If you choose this option, we cannot guarantee our schedules will regularly match up to yours; this may interfere with your treatment plan and limit progress towards your goals. However, if your schedule is very flexible it may work just fine.

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