Bloom Yoga Therapy

Yoga + Therapy

Katy David, MA, RYT, LPC


Yoga and talk therapy both offer incredible healing opportunities, so why not combine them? I’ve found that beginning a session with a bit of mindful movement can really help set the tone and energy for good therapeutic work. “Yoga+Therapy” sessions are typically 75 minutes long. Usually we will combine approximately 30-40 minutes of personalized yoga with 30-40 minutes of talk therapy. This agenda may vary depending on the individual session and what arises in the present moment. There are many different types of yoga and yoga therapy. I have received training in both Integrative Yoga Therapy and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. I blend both of these powerful modalities with my education in somatic psychotherapy to create a very unique healing environment and experience.

Please know that I often use many components of yoga in regular counseling sessions (guided meditations, breathing exercises, awareness, etc.), so fear not that you will miss out on engaging the healing capacity of the mind/body connection should you prefer a 50-minute session or not want to get physically active.  Yoga+Therapy clients simply have an expressed interest in learning yoga as a modality of self-care, and so extra time is set aside for that purpose. I cater the session to what you are seeking or needing in the moment, and sessions are designed to support the talk therapy portion of the session. Therefore the yoga can vary from gentle/restorative to very active depending on client needs and goals, but ultimately you are always in charge of yourself and the experience we create together.

You may be guided to explore thoughts, emotions, and sensations that arise through certain postures, breathing exercises, and assisted stretches in order to deepen self-awareness, embrace present-moment experience, and experiment with change. You’ll be introduced to new ways of thinking, moving, and being, all while learning concrete tools you can use outside of our sessions to nurture yourself and reduce stress in your daily life. Comfortable, flexible clothing must be worn. All ages and fitness levels are welcome and no yoga experience is necessary, but definitely let me know prior if you have any specific concerns for your safety. Depending on your goals, there may be a different yoga therapist out there who is a slightly better fit for you, and your care is my top concern. Please note I do not specialize in yoga for physical rehabilitation, but in the therapeutic use of yoga for mental and emotional wellbeing.


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