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Payment & Insurance

We file insurance claims so you don’t have to!

We always offer complementary 10 minute phone consultations.

We are an Out-of-Network Provider for all insurance carriers and also aim to offer affordable Private Pay rates for uninsured or underinsured clients. Session rates range from $80 to $100 depending upon the clinician (see list below and/or their individual profile pages). Not all insurance plans cover out-of-network services, but many do. As a general rule, PPO & POS plans will cover Out of Network Providers, and HMO plans will not. If you have Health Insurance coverage that includes Out-of-Network providers, they may pay a substantial portion of your session costs, depending upon your healthcare plan. Call your insurance company and ask! If finances are important to you and you have insurance you are hoping to use, take the time to read the detailed insurance information section provided at the bottom of this page, call your insurance company, and write down their answers to our suggested questions. Your wellbeing is worth this effort! Many of our clients are pleasantly surprised with their out-of-network coverage, and this substantially increases your ability to choose the therapist you would prefer to work with, as opposed to being limited to in-network options. Bloom Therapy is very unique in that we are out-of-network, but we file insurance claims for you, so you don’t have to. Almost all out-of-network therapists will instead provide you with superbills and require you to file your own claims. Mistakes are often made when clients submit their own claims, and therefore pay-out is low and/or time-consuming. Our computer system files your claims skillfully, so that you are easily able to maximize your out-of-network benefits and use them for improving your mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

The most common co-insurance rate due by our insurance clients is 30% of the billed rate (this is $24-30 per session); it can vary between 20-50% of your therapist’s rate depending upon the terms of your plan. Depending upon your insurance plan, you may need to meet an annual deductible before your insurance starts to contribute towards your session costs. These deductibles will usually reset on January 1st, but sometimes they reset on the date your plan became active. (Please scroll down for more details if you are understandably confused, and would like to clarify your benefits in depth before scheduling an appointment).

Rates increase as LPC-Associates gain experience, and are subject to change and re-negotiation after 6 months of care. Bloom Therapy is unique in that we offer full hour sessions. Session fees per 60-minute session (intakes and follow-ups) are currently as follows:

  • Kristen: $80
  • Simran: $80
  • Summer: $80
  • Whitney: $80
  • Mariel: $80
  • Karey: $80
  • Elaine: $90 
  • Anusha: $100
  • Stephanie: $100

Katy is not currently accepting new clients as she is focused on expanding the availability of high quality holistic psychotherapy through mentorship and clinician training of Bloom Therapy Associates. As Supervising Clinical Director, she takes a very active role in overseeing the care of all Bloom Therapy clients, and meets weekly and individually with each Associate to discuss their clients’ needs and strengthen each clinician’s approaches to healing.

We aim to combine affordability with very high quality for the price, our rates reflecting a balance of personal and community care. If you are uninsured and cannot afford our regular rates, contact your desired therapist and let them know what you can afford; they may have a sliding scale slot available to accommodate your needs. Please only request this option if you can truly not afford our already reasonable rates, so that we can continue to serve a broad community while earning a fair income for our services. An immense amount of education, time, energy, money, and heart goes into our clinical development and business operations. We appreciate your honesty and will request a signed personal statement of monthly income and expenses to be considered for a sliding scale opening.

Payment forms accepted:

  • Out-of-Network insurance benefits as dictated by your policy (We file the claims!)
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
  • Checks
  • Cash
  • Venmo @bloomtherapyTX
  • All Major Credit & Debit Cards, including Amex

What is an LPC-Associate?

  • Associates have obtained a Masters degree in a Counseling/Psychology-related field, passed the National Counselors Examination, and have gained at least 2 semesters/300 hours of clinical experience in graduate school practicums before beginning their 3000 hour internship. Each associate will be at a different stage of earning these 3000 hours. Just ask in your free initial consultation! It is difficult to keep this site updated as they are accruing hours each week. Therapists at Bloom are on track to complete their supervised hours within 2 years. They are under supervision for these first 3000 hours as provisionally-licensed clinicians, after which point the supervisor may approve them as eligible for independent licensure, which means practicing without required, direct, and weekly supervision. All licensed therapists are required to attend regular CEUs and trainings to maintain licensure, throughout their careers.
  • All Bloom Therapy associates are supervised by Katy David. They meet with her weekly for a minimum of 4 hours per month to discuss their cases and receive feedback/training. Contact Katy if you have questions on which therapist may be the best fit for you. Our associates have specifically been chosen for their passion for holistic health and dedication to learning experiential and somatic therapies.

More detailed Insurance Information:

  • Bloom Therapy is an “Out-of-Network” Insurance Provider for all insurance plans. All Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) healthcare plans legally must cover mental/behavioral healthcare services, but not every plan covers out-of-network services. As a general rule, PPO plans will cover Out of Network Providers, and HMO plans will not. It is important to understand that sometimes “Coverage” means the charged rate is applied towards an Out of Network deductible that you must meet before your plan benefits start to contribute to actual costs.
  • Every new client is initially accepted as a private pay client and pays the therapist’s full Private Pay rate on the day of service. This is so we can insure that we are paid for our services until we have a successful claim processed with your insurance company. We will almost always promptly file an electronic claim for you. Once we receive insurance payment, we will either refund your card or apply your credit to your next session. Occasionally we may need to provide clients with a SuperBill to seek benefits from their insurance companies directly. Once we have established successful payments with your insurance company, we do commonly agree to only charge your coinsurance amount on the day of service and await direct payment for the balance from your insurance. Most Out-of-Network therapists do not offer insurance filing for their clients; Bloom offers insurance filing as it is line with our mission to increase the ease of access to quality psychotherapy.
  • Bloom offers out-of-network insurance processing as a courtesy service only. Payment is still due in full the day of your first session, and you are ultimately responsible for all charges accrued whether or not your plan covers our services. We may be able to estimate your benefits before your appointment, but we cannot guarantee any specific reimbursement amounts by insurance, or spend excessive time on billing snags or occasional insurance mistakes. Please consult with your insurance company directly for details on coverage and benefits for your out-of-network individual psychotherapy services. If finances are a primary concern for you, see below for exact questions to ask your insurer.
  • How much will my insurance company reimburse me?
    • Everyone’s out of network benefits are different. Simply call the number on the back of your insurance card and ask for clarification on your out-of-network benefits for individual and/or couples therapy. Many clients are reimbursed for 50-80% of their session cost depending on their plan benefits. When you call, ask your insurer these specific questions:
      • Do I have out of network coverage for mental health benefits? (also called behavioral health)
      • Is this coverage subject to a deductible? If so, what is the deductible amount? Does the deductible reset on January 1st or another date? how much of that deductible have I already met?
      • What percentage will be covered/reimbursed by insurance (after the deductible is met)?
      • Is this percentage taken from the provider’s billed rate or from a maximum allowable amount?
      • What is your maximum allowable amount for individual therapy sessions and couples therapy sessions? (Their reimbursement percentage will sometimes be based on this amount, NOT the amount we bill.)
      • How many sessions are covered per week and per year for individual therapy, couples therapy, and group therapy?
      • How much time do I have to successfully submit out-of-network claims after the service date?
      • Do you explicitly not cover services provided by Supervised LPC-Associates that are billed by the Supervisor and/or Employer?
    • With answers to the above questions, you will be armed with the information you need to help you decide if our services are a good fit for your needs. If you don’t understand the above information, simply write down their answers, and we can help you understand your financial responsibilities during our complementary initial phone consult. Insurance is a confusing industry! However, you may substantially reduce your health care costs when using insurance.

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