Bloom Yoga Therapy


What is Mindfulness?


Mindfulness is the art and practice of being present with reality while remaining in contact with who you want to be as a person. If you are looking to feel more alive, get greater satisfaction from work and relationships, or find the courage to make a change in life, learning and developing a regular mindfulness practice can help. As human beings, external people or situations can often feel overwhelming or seem to have control over our behavior and feelings. This delusion leads to resistance and unnecessary suffering. Life inevitably involves pain and challenges but it does not have to feel like you are constantly swimming against the tide. Mindfulness practice teaches us practical and effective tools to change our brains and create greater awareness of our own inner power.

As modern therapists, the science of mindfulness is a core component of our theoretical orientation, and is highly effective in both individual and couples sessions. For couples, learning mindfulness together can increase your sense of intimacy and connection. There are many different formal mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation, but mindfulness practice can also be seamlessly integrated into your daily life.