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Mariel Sahad, LPC-Associate

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Supervised by Katy David, LPC-S

***Available for In-person Sessions & Tele-therapy!***

At the heart of my counseling approach is the conviction that everyone can heal and make changes they desire, by combining sincere intention with effective actions. When we are in session, you will have my undivided attention as I join you in clarifying and acting upon your core desires. I strive to create a space in which you feel completely safe and seen, so we may explore your unique life path together, and steer it in the most authentic and fulfilling direction. 

I work primarily from an existential theoretical framework, which views human suffering as deriving from experiences that cause us internal stress or confusion. These common stressful experiences include isolation, choice and responsibility, perceived meaninglessness, and death or fear of death. I do not consider myself to be the expert on your life; I am a fellow traveler walking beside you on your path, helping you observe the reality of your life from a more neutral, objective place while offering insights that are easier to see from an external perspective. I am your faithful advocate, encouraging you to embrace all facets of life, even the realities we may find difficult to accept or appreciate. Embracing and accepting realities we do not yet understand or prefer is the first step to creative problem solving, and allows us to flow with the river of life, rather than fighting natural forces. 

My goal is to teach you how to respond to existential realities effectively, while practicing deep introspection and holistic wellbeing. I would like to help you move from isolation to connection, from powerlessness to empowerment, from confusion to clarity, from entrapment to freedom, from the perception of meaninglessness to finding your own meaning, from fearing death to embracing life in the present and allowing this natural cycle to help you feel even more alive with gratitude. I would like to help you gain strength and resilience from life’s inevitable challenges, while taking ultimate responsibility for the choices that are freely and rightfully yours. 

It is not what happens to us or around us, but rather how we respond to these life events, that shapes the people we become. Every experience is an opportunity to respond to life in a way that may help us embody our highest, self-chosen principles. We find that human suffering is an experience that forces us to look deep inside ourselves and know ourselves more fully, and then courageously act from that place of knowing. We humans become the ultimate creators of our own experiences and growth. I am excited to begin merging this existential framework with experiential therapies as I continue to broaden my skill set under Katy’s supervision.


  • Death Anxiety
  • Health Anxiety
  • Grief and Loss
  • Multicultural Concerns
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Life Transitions
  • Self-esteem, Confidence & Body Positivity
  • Bilingual in English & Spanish

Mariel’s rate is $80 per 60 minute session (intakes and follow-ups). You may use your HSA/FSA to pay for therapy services, and many insurance plans will cover her services. All Bloom therapists offer complementary 10-minute phone consultations to assure a good therapeutic fit before scheduling.

To schedule with Mariel:     Call/Text  806.206.4652

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