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Mask-freedom Policy

***A Note from Bloom’s Founder***

From a holistic health point of view, widespread mask use offers multiple health drawbacks that should be considered along with potential benefits when creating public policy. They provide a false sense of security and false sense of control while offering very little protection against viruses. They increase the risk of bacterial infections when worn by the general population, whom are not operating within a sterile environment or trained to use them properly. People will often wear dirty masks to avoid being shamed. This is both physically and behaviorally unhealthy. They substantially limit social connection and increase fear and loneliness; both factors that lower your immune system and reduce quality of life and emotional wellbeing. Masks do not stop virus air particles from your breath from escaping your facial area; your breath easily leaves the top and sides of the mask as well as straight through the mask; the virus particles are far smaller than the holes in the mask. The only way to avoid spreading microbes is to not breathe, and not live, which is obviously extremely unhealthy. Masks may stop water droplets from sneezes and coughs from landing on another person or hanging in the air. However, a handkerchief pulled from your pocket or a sneeze placed into your shoulder is equally effective at this without forcing the mask-wearer to re-breathe viral contaminants throughout the day, which may increase the severity and length of the wearer’s illness, should they become ill with their own viral load. Pro-longed mask use, especially the types that are sealed tightly around the face, reduces oxygen intake and increases CO2 intake, which can exacerbate other health conditions and create new ones. Listen to government-trained OSHA mask experts on this topic here:

Previously published and long-standing science was very clear on the above points, and was supported by WHO, CDC, and OSHA prior to 2020. Sharing this science is currently being censored for political purposes as the leaders of those organizations are corrupted or compromised by controlling and greed-based agendas that are not aligned with Bloom Therapy’s values. As Bloom’s leader, I follow the real science, not fear-based propaganda labeled as science. And even real science, is not, in my view, more important than quality of life and respecting human freedoms. The Constitution for the United States of America agrees with me. Our predecessors gave their lives for liberty because they knew the supreme importance of that value in order for a society to host an environment that will allow the pursuit of happiness. As I look around me, I see masses of people trading freedom for the illusion of security, which is not true security at all, but an evil force masquerading as good in order to gain control. I will not be a knowing participant in this evil agenda, which is not unsimilar to Nazis overtaking Germany.

It generally takes 10-30 years for new discoveries in science to manifest into practical application in society. Cutting-edge science is showing that every species is more healthy when it maintains a biodiverse microbiome. Social isolation and masks reduce biodiversity, which overall reduces the robustness of our immune system’s ability to fight off infections. See Zach Bush’s presentation on the Virome to learn more. He hasn’t been given a political position, but he’s highly qualified, intelligent, and rooted with deep spiritual awareness. As these truths are revealed in the future, people will re-learn the value of listening to personal experience and intuition over advice from “experts” who have been given platforms because they are willing to cooperate with the political narrative of a particular group, or individuals who shame them because they are afraid of death or because they enjoy feeling powerful over others. The truth of the matter is that facts are never political, but lies always are. Anytime a particular viewpoint is silenced, the silencer does not have faith in their own set of supposed facts. Facts are stubborn things that don’t need to remove the competition. Their nature always allows them to win in the end.

Many people intuitively feel and know the drawbacks of masks aren’t worth the benefits to them, but have not developed the courage, fortitude, and personal sovereignty to act in alignment with this knowing. On a spiritual level, personal sovereignty is what the human species is currently being challenged to step into, on both microcosmic and macrocosmic levels. As long as we are motivated by fear and shame, we will create an environment where fear and shame are allowed to thrive. This is a very existential and exciting place for the human species. We must learn that our fear of death and attachment to social approval is much more dangerous than actual death and social disapproval. We are, in fact, eternal beings, learning to act in each moment from a place of love, faith, and heart-felt desires, to release energetic frequencies of fear, shame, control, rigidity, and judgment.

As a holistic-minded health practitioner, I take my associates’ holistic health very seriously. I am equally serious about supporting their personal sovereignty to make their own health choices based on scientists and doctors they personally trust. Our polarized nation would be far better off having curious, open discussions about who they trust, and why, as opposed to conversations about what specific information they believe.

These are the opinions of Bloom’s founder and company policy-maker, not necessarily every Associate here at Bloom. It’s completely okay to disagree with me, as I honor your freedom to think, act, and speak in accordance to your personal truth. Authentic expression of inner truth is the foundation of a free and healthy society, family, group, or individual. Thank you for respecting my right to make policy decisions for my own business that are a reflection of Bloom Therapy’s mission to improve the overall holistic wellbeing in our community, and to act in alignment with my own personal truth, values and ethics.

In Kindness,

Katy David, LPC-S

Founder & Supervising Clinical Director of Bloom Therapy

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