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About Whitney

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Science in Professional Counseling from Texas A&M University—Corpus Christi. During this education I  completed internships at two different sites. At the Cenikor Foundation I gained experience helping individuals heal from addiction, co-occurring mental health diagnoses, and trauma; I had the opportunity to learn in both individual and group counseling settings. I also completed an internship at Texas A&M University’s Antonio E. Garcia Arts and Education Center, where I worked with children, adults, and families experiencing a wide range of challenges such as depression, anxiety, trauma, family conflict, grief, life transitions, and stress. Before receiving my Master’s degree I worked for an agency serving at-risk children and their families, where I provided Solution Focused Brief Therapy and collaborated with the school system to help children stay in school and succeed in their courses. I have also worked as both a Case Manager and a Rehabilitation Specialist for community mental health service agencies in Corpus Christi and Austin; I provided clinical counseling services for homeless individuals and people suffering from serious mental illness. 

I value all life deeply and this includes animals! Before working in the mental health field I was an adoption shelter coordinator. I managed a website to promote adoptions, supervised employees and general operations of the shelter, and administered medications and vaccines. I find the presence, innocence, and serenity of animals and beloved pets to be very peaceful. As humans we have numerous events and stresses that distract us from utilizing our internal knowledge of regulating and healing ourselves; I think we can learn a lot from animals, such as how to follow our instincts, live in the moment, and practice unconditional love.

I have found joy in observing and connecting with people from all walks of life since I was a child. I have always been fascinated with the complexities of human personalities and enjoyed opportunities to be helpful. I also genuinely enjoy reflecting on possibilities of positive change/creative approaches for individuals, and can be very encouraging in the process. I believe that effective therapy involves considering and attending to all aspects of an individual: mind, body, and spirit. I myself have experienced a wide range of struggles, and I believe that anybody can benefit from counseling; there can be great healing in supportive, intentional relationships. I enjoy helping others find missing links and insights into their lives; this growth in awareness can make all the difference in creating a deep sense of wholeness and forming meaningful, fulfilling connections. My faith and spiritual connection keeps me loving people; it fuels my desire to inspire, encourage, and support others. I truly believe this to be my life purpose. Life and purpose are such wonderful gifts!

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