Bloom Yoga Therapy

About Katy

I received my Master of Arts in Counseling from St. Edward’s University, graduating with Honors with a 4.0 GPA, and hold a Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas at Austin. I also have a Certification in Clinical Hypnosis through ASCH, and am a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga-Alliance, with specialized training in Integrative Yoga Therapy and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I have six years of clinical counseling experience providing guidance through most common human experiences, including depression, anxiety, trauma, abuse in childhood, relationship problems, self-esteem issues, transition periods, identity crises, spiritual struggles, time-management difficulties, and separation/divorce.

My training in counseling psychology combined with yoga and hypnotherapy make me unique as a therapist; I understand how ancient science and modern science support each other, and choose interventions based on what client needs present in the moment. I’m passionate about my work and consider it an honor to guide people along their healing process; it is a joy to witness each person’s potential unfold.


***Katy is on maternity leave until 2019, and is not accepting new clients until further notice. Email her if you would like to be added to Bloom’s email list. Email notifications will involve updates on future session availability with Katy, as well as wellness goodies such as blog articles, podcasts, recommended reading, yoga classes, and personal development/wellness workshops she may be offering in the future.***