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About Karey

When people ask me about myself, I like to identify the places I’ve lived: I grew up in New Hampshire, went to college in Massachusetts, lived in Brooklyn, NY for several years, then moved to Austin in 2007.  I feel a deep attachment to each of those places, and they all greatly influenced the person I’ve become.  I’m a proud graduate of Mount Holyoke College, New York University, and St. Edward’s University.

I’ve wanted a career in clinical mental health since majoring in psychology and sociology in college, but the universe led me on the scenic path to be a counselor today.  After graduation, I worked at a foster care and adoption agency in New York City where I observed the impact of inequality, poverty, mental illness, addiction, incarceration, grief, loss, and trauma.  I decided to pursue public and nonprofit management as my personal contribution to addressing these societal challenges, and thus earned a Master of Public Administration degree. 

My proudest achievement during my first career is having developed and delivered a comprehensive education program to child welfare staff on how to be affirming of LGBTQ youth and families.  I worked with diverse professionals throughout the country and across differences in age, race, culture, religion, and life experience.  After 20 years in training and program administration, my interest shifted from organizational and institutional challenges back to my original passion for working with individuals and family systems.

I believe in the value of counseling because I have benefited from it personally.  I am a human in this world just like you, and despite all of my education, life has been my most important teacher.  There is something magical in the synergy that exists when two or more people come together to reflect and grow, and I hope to be a person who can help you unearth the best inside of you, as others have done for me.

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