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About Elaine

I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Texas State University in 2016, then spent two years as a full-time nanny in New Braunfels. This experience taught me invaluable lessons about the important role family and social support plays in individual wellbeing; I became acutely aware of the social burdens placed on caregivers and mothers. Later, I worked as a graduate research assistant for Dr. Priscilla Goble in the Family and Child Development Department; this increased my experiential and conceptual understanding of the impact that childhood experiences have on our development, growth, and adulthood.

By the time I started my Master’s Program in Professional Counseling in 2018 I was already a passionate advocate for de-stigmatizing the struggles of motherhood and increasing awareness of the prevalence of child abuse in our society. As I developed within the program at Texas State University I learned about the high prevalence of traumatic experiences, the impact they make when not attended to with compassion, expertise, and skill, and many wonderful practices and techniques for effective healing from these traumas and creating a new springboard for positive growth.

I completed my internship at River City Advocacy, working primarily with LGBTQ teens and women who struggle with boundaries and codependency. This experience solidified my calling to help those who struggle to express themselves find their voice and live authentically. I am excited about working with Katy David to continue to learn and grow my repertoire, and build upon my ability to help others heal and grow.

In my personal time I enjoy yoga, baking, running, writing poetry and watching way too many historical dramas. I have 3 younger sisters and a brother who are my world, and a partner who motivates me everyday to do all I can do.

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