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I’m Katy David, the Founder and Supervising Clinical Director of Bloom Therapy. I have been blessed to develop a skillset that is highly effective in healing people’s traumas, anxieties, and relationship difficulties, and I really enjoy making a positive impact on the world. My latest mission is to expand the availability of quality psychotherapy that actually works, by teaching and mentoring talented new therapists in the areas of somatic and experiential therapies. These therapies are at the cutting edge of scientifically-grounded and spiritually-aware treatments; they accurately conceptualize the whole problem and address client needs from the inside-out, honoring all dimensions of body, mind, energy, emotions and spirit. As Bloom continues to grow, we aim to be a community resource for holistic healing and attaining an optimal state of wellbeing.

We firmly believe the world would be a better place if every single person had a good therapist and the engagement in therapy became mainstream, just like regular physical checkups with your doctor. Our practice emphasizes this universality of the human condition. We offer a holistic, scientific, and deeply human approach to therapy and healing. Our primary goal is to introduce clients to fresh ways of relating, thinking, moving, and being that foster personal growth. We specialize in engaging the natural healing capacity of the mind/body system to help people work through normal but difficult human experiences like anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, spiritual struggles, life choices, and transitions, and come out on the other end refreshed and stronger. We creatively marry modern and ancient sciences to help each client pursue his or her individual path to wellness.

We capitalize on the healing power of mindful, intentional exploration to guide you towards your deepest truths and help you clarify your next steps, and aim to provide a qualified, professional presence with a comfortable, safe space where you can explore your mind and body in-depth in order to reach your wellness goals efficiently and completely.

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